Combating anti-mutantism and mutant denial is more than just a matter of right and wrong. It’s about being on the right side of history. Mutant liberation is the next step for progress. At the Social Justice League (SJL), we are at the forefront of this transformation, and we will be resented for being the vanguards of this progress, but without our foot forward, mutants will continue to suffer from white supremacist science like the kind of anti-mutant medicine that saves exploits the lives of those who suffer from deleterious mutations.

Since the industrial revolution, there have been many advancements in medicine. Mutants that would otherwise have been killed off by natural selection, survive and pass their mutations on to the next generation. This has resulted in a continuous and steady trend where the frequency of deleterious mutations increases generation after generation. What this means: there is nothing wrong with mutants. We were born this way.

Since “80-95% of protein-coding genes are expressed” in the brain, mutations are almost 10 times as likely to affect mental health than anything else; this is why mutantism is the focal point of all intersectionality. Mutantism is the widest and most inclusive net and it overlaps with so many (if not all) marginalized communities. The struggle for mutant liberation is a universal benefit to everyone – not just mutants.

Despite how pervasive mutantism is, nothing has been done to alleviate the psychological trauma, suffering, and torment of mutants – until now. Mental health care is not a last resort; it’s a basic necessity – one that mutants are excluded from on a daily basis. Every second spent without universal access to mental health care is a hateful, bigoted, and systemic attack on the dignity of the mutant community. There are 2 barriers that must be overcome.

First, the stigma and bigotry of those who seek mental health care must be criminalized. Although extending hate speech protections to mental health care patients is a good first step, the only sure way to get rid of that hate is for everyone to have mandatory checkups with a mental health professional (who is qualified to diagnose) on an annual basis, just like everyone has visits to their doctor. If everyone has to speak to a therapist, then no one can be stigmatized. This is the first defense against anti-mutantism.

Second, mental health must be fully subsidized. We have seen the shortages that take place under a fully socialized health care system. We have seen the kind of corruption and price gouging that takes place under the oligopolistic Obama Care system. We have seen what happens when doctors Nazi drug dealers hand out meds like it’s candy. We will not be fooled by half-measures. Everyone should have the ability to visit their mental health care provider and be fully reimbursed for all of their sessions – at any price and without exceptions.

Mutant health is mental health. We are mutants. We are proud. We have rights. We are here to stay. Our time is now. Are you on the right side of history?


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