1st Mutant President

May 26, 2020

Ok s we all know it took a while for this post. But here it is.

The Social Justice League hereby calls for the 1st mutant president – but there’s a catch: the 1st mutant president must be a cuckold! That’s obviously meant to help the mutant and cuckold causes together. It’s like killing 2 bird with one stone. We need to do things the smart way and partner up our causes. It’s kinda like a merger of labor unions into a really big one. We like it big!

Now, you might be wondering. Who cares? Well aside from the anti-mutant connotation of that questions (implying mutants aren’t deserving of human sympathy and love), we should care because mutantism is the dead center of all intersectional focal points.

Now, we put Justin Trudeau up there because we think he is probably a mutant, which is why we like him. But still, there is no evidence that he is a cuckold, which is unfortunate obviously. Why?

Because cuckolding is a female liberation. Non-white cis- and trans- women are not liberated until their husbands learn to love them enough to share them with everyone in the world. The SJL stands for women’s rights. In fact, not standing for cis- and non-cis women’s rights makes you an anti-mutant bigot because mutantism is the #1 force in public opinions pushing people towards more female domination of the universe, which is exactly what we want.

In fact, all men who fail to share their cis / trans wives of color (WOCs?) are anti-mutant bigots, FULL STOP. It is clear that now is the time to take action against anti-mutantism. We need the educational system to get ahead of the curb and protect their young students from anti-mutant evil.