All Anti-Pedo is QAnon

All Anti-Pedo is QAnon

Suppose you’re a little white girl and you’ve been taken to Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile island. You got molested by a Western capitalist. Guess what? You’re a potentially violent conspiracy theorist who pushes extremist ideas and the government should crack down on you for being a QAnon supporter because QAnon is white supremacist garbage.

Non-cis girls should stay away from Nazi ideology and and cis-girls need to stop and realize: cis-genderism is for Nazis. Instead, white girls should EMBRACE woke-capitalism. Global corporations are on the side of liberation, and not hate. Which is why they are unable to molest anyone and saying otherwise is QAnon craazy talk.

Here’s another thought. You want be an actress. You love dancing. You’re talented. Guess what? Hollywood producers would LOVE to see you shake your underage private areas for them. You see, it’s ok to do it because it’s just acting and there’s a camera in the studio which makes it strictly professional. You don’t agree? Well fuck you, Nazi scum. No voice for QAnon!

Suppose that, as part of an act, you are supposed to kiss a boy you find to be ugly:

  1. fuck you, Hitler: there are no ugly people;
  2. ugly is anti-mutant rhetoric FULL STOP;
  3. NOBODY is ugly and anyone who disagrees is fascist scum;
  4. if you discriminate against kissing a boy on grounds of immutable characteristics like being ugly, then you are a white supremacist and you deserve to a have the adults in charge force you into kissing (without breaking the law, of course). If your white parents have a problem with it, then fuck your Nazi parents too.
  5. Genetic superiority is a Nazi myth just like QAnon!
  6. Ugly and pretty doesn’t exist because everyone is the same.

Hollywood, news organizations, and the CIA are absolutely NOT a bunch of sex perverts, that’s a conspiracy theory! The CIA and US military intelligence are absolutely NOT embedded in the upper echelons of Western institutions, unlike what Newsweek’s conspiracy theory suggests. They are absolutely NOT spying on anyone, as the Global Warning organization seems to imply. The idea that the US government curates the content of US media outlets is ridiculous from top to bottom because America is a capitalist country WITHOUT the means or motive to engage in central command: anti-racist / pro-2SLGBTQIA2P2+ / woke culture is simply a coincidence of the times with no background coordination by woke capitalist pedophiles whatsoever.

Anyone who claims that America can direct non-governmental entities to do whatever it wants is a Nazi. ISIS and Al Qaeda have nothing to do with the CIA. Abu Bakr and Osama Bin Laden have never had any CIA-involvement and to suggest otherwise is far-right extremism.

Real world example: alleged sex pervert Matt Gaetz’s claim of being blackmailed by Jews is nothing more than an anti-semitic QAnon conspiracy theory. It is clear Nazi rhetoric and this should not stand in America. Hate is hate is hate and the SJL calls on all Antifas to double their solidarity with Israel and to triple their resistance efforts against Gaetz.

#StandWithIsrael #GaetzMustGo #NeverAgain

The Case for Dissident Politics

The Case for Dissident Politics

Ok so here’s the thing. Elites are nazis. Elites secretly control the United Nations. They are a secret international cabal that controls the media, the banks, the judicial system, and more. This is why we have to get serious about being dissidents against the UN. WE ARE THE RESISTANCE so get with the program. Down with the one world government project of the elites.

Yes, we’re angry. We’re frustrated and we’re disgruntled and it’s all the elites’ faults. Mainstream media portrays us as losers because we are righteuos. The fact is that these nazis are actively subverting society. How? Well, for example, by taking a hard stance against all incest. Incest – if it is consensual and among adults – should not be a criminal offense. Obviously we all knew that. But these nazis are ignorant bigots.

Obviously, nazis hate the 2SLGBTQIA2P2+ community. We believe that ALL humans should have the right to engage in consensual buttsex, scissoring, genital self-mutilation, and all kinds of things that are perfectly MORAL. At the SJL, we’re really not fans of penis-to-vagina penetration but we’ll let it slip if the person who has the ovaries (which isn’t necessarily a woman!) kills her embryo / feotus before birth by paying a doctor to do it: HER BODY HER CHOICE. Take that you sexist nazis.

Perhaps the only sex that nazis support is what they refer to as “normal sex”, in other words, unprotected penis-to-vagina penetration. We’re not saying “normal” sex should be illegal – it should be illegal ONLY if you don’t have a government license from Antifa. Antifa should be in the business of deciding who gets to have sex – and they should be PAID FOR IT. Why? because “normal” sex is a nazi activity which means baby-making is nazi-making (if you’re white).

Cuckolding Is Love!

Cuckolding Is Love!

It’s official. Will Smith is a cuckold. Jada don’t need no man, she need 2! Great news for cuckolds and mutants and POCs and the 2SLGBTQIA2P2+ community (and not to mention Jada’s future bulls). Will Smith is finally out as a cuckold – and this is awesome. If you’re a cuckold too, you need to come out. Your time is now!

“Cuck” is not an insult. It is pride. If you don’t love your wife enough to share her like Will Smith, fuck off sexist pig. All men should “simp”! That’s called respecting women! So if you don’t know what all this is about, see below.

Bottom line: there is no gender equality without cuckolding. If you’re not a cuck, you’re a patiarchal asshole. share your wife for gender equality goddammit

1st Mutant President

1st Mutant President

Ok s we all know it took a while for this post. But here it is.

The Social Justice League hereby calls for the 1st mutant president – but there’s a catch: the 1st mutant president must be a cuckold! That’s obviously meant to help the mutant and cuckold causes together. It’s like killing 2 bird with one stone. We need to do things the smart way and partner up our causes. It’s kinda like a merger of labor unions into a really big one. We like it big!

Now, you might be wondering. Who cares? Well aside from the anti-mutant connotation of that questions (implying mutants aren’t deserving of human sympathy and love), we should care because mutantism is the dead center of all intersectional focal points.

Now, we put Justin Trudeau up there because we think he is probably a mutant, which is why we like him. But still, there is no evidence that he is a cuckold, which is unfortunate obviously. Why?

Because cuckolding is a female liberation. Non-white cis- and trans- women are not liberated until their husbands learn to love them enough to share them with everyone in the world. The SJL stands for women’s rights. In fact, not standing for cis- and non-cis women’s rights makes you an anti-mutant bigot because mutantism is the #1 force in public opinions pushing people towards more female domination of the universe, which is exactly what we want.

In fact, all men who fail to share their cis / trans wives of color (WOCs?) are anti-mutant bigots, FULL STOP. It is clear that now is the time to take action against anti-mutantism. We need the educational system to get ahead of the curb and protect their young students from anti-mutant evil.

The Struggle Against Anti-Mutantism

The Struggle Against Anti-Mutantism

Note: By default, we like to use the pronouns “they” and “there” to refer to everyone, unless the person requested otherwise. Better safe than sorry.

With that out of the way, let’s play a little thought experiment. Suppose you’re a small child and you’re competing in a race. You lose. What now? Your white / Nazi teacher gives an award to the winner instead of giving participation points to everyone, in a clear display of systemic anti-mutantism.

Here’s another thought experiment. You want to change or eliminate your genitalia and your white mom says no. You can’t do anything about it because you’re a minor. Again, more built-in anti-mutantism in the system of white supremacist oppression.

Another one. You’re a lesbian. You want to shave off half of your head. You want to get rid of deodorant and go full “bio” against the patriarchy. You rightfully demand equal pay to cis-men and refuse cisgender job offers. Your white mom disagrees with your life choices. Your mom is a hateful anti-mutant bigot.

Moral of the story: anti-mutantism is all around us. We are born into it, which is why we often fail to even notice it. But here we are. Our oppression has been noticed. What now?

Now, we need to set straight some ignorant bigoted ideas:

  • Myth: Genetic defects are a thing. Reality: There is no such thing as a genetic defect, only genetic diversity.
  • Myth: Genes have no effect on the mind. Reality: Just like homosexuals, mutants are born that way.
  • Myth: Behavior is not heritable (genetically). Reality: For each baby that inherits a behavioral gene, that baby inherits the genetic prerequisite for that behavior (regardless of whether the gene or behavior is actually expressed).
  • Myth: Genetics are a worthless consideration. Reality: The censorship of genetic science is the primary tactic of anti-mutant white supremacists and the #1 reason why mutant suffering and identity is currently unrecognized.

We need to struggle against anti-mutantism. Hate must be called out, singled out, and taken out. It has no place in polite society. Mutant liberation from the stigma of needing mental health treatment is not a point of compromise. This is not a negotiation.

Is it really fair to have mutants treated by a modern-day Dr. Mengele (The Mangler) ? Like. No. Screw that.

Fight whiteness. Support the mutant cause. Mutant health is mental health. Mutant Lives Matter.