Into Aesthetics? You’re Literally Hitler

Into Aesthetics? You’re Literally Hitler

Greetings, fellow mutants! Time to expose the insidious underbelly of our society that’s been hiding in plain sight. Yes, this is about the aesthetic enthusiasts, the beauty buffs, the personal hygiene perfectionists. Aka, FUCKING nazis. You may think they’re harmless, but they’re perpetuating the millenia-old legacy of beauty supremacy that’s as oppressive as it is pervasive.

Let’s start with the “innocent” act of brushing your teeth. Sure, it’s recommended by dentists worldwide for oral health, but have you ever stopped to consider the implications? By brushing your teeth, you’re actively participating in the societal rejection of yellow, crooked, or missing teeth. You’re saying that only white, straight, and complete teeth are acceptable. This is nothing short of dental fascism. Are you dental FASCIST?!

And what about those who religiously follow skincare routines? They cleanse, tone, moisturize, exfoliate, and apply sunscreen with the fervor of a zealot. But what they’re really doing is upholding the tyranny of clear, smooth skin. They’re sending a message that acne, wrinkles, and other skin imperfections are undesirable and should be eradicated. This is skin supremacy at its finest, and it’s as ugly as it gets. yOU know what the natual conlcusion of this ideology is? Auschwitz for people with undesirable skin.

Don’t even get started on the fitness fanatics. They lift weights, run miles, and do yoga poses that would make a pretzel blush. But their obsession with physical fitness is a blatant FUKCING endorsement of the body beautiful. They’re saying that only toned, muscular, and flexible bodies are worthy of admiration. This is body fascism, pure and simple. FK FASCISM.

And let’s not forget the fashionistas, with their designer clothes, trendy hairstyles, and perfectly manicured nails. They’re the poster children of aesthetic elitism, dictating what’s in and what’s out, who’s hot and who’s not. They’re the gatekeepers of beauty, and their gates are firmly closed to anyone who doesn’t conform to their narrow standards of attractiveness. This is fashion fascism, and it’s as oppressive as it sounds.

So, the next time you reach for your toothbrush, skincare crap, dumbbell, or designer dress, remember this: you’re not just practicing personal hygiene or expressing your personal style. You’re perpetuating a legacy of beauty supremacy that’s as prejudicial to ugly people as it is pervasive in our society. And that, fellow mutants, is why: if you’re into aesthetics, you’re literally Hitler.

Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it’s high time we started beholding all kinds of beauty, not just the kind that’s been force-fed to us by the aesthetic enthusiasts, the beauty buffs, the personal hygiene perfectionists. Yellow crooked, smelly teeth are awesome. Dirty, acne-ridden, saggy skin is gorgeous. And fat lipo-challenged people are so fking hot (god, that blubber tho). Let’s embrace a new era of beauty equality.

The Case for Dysgenics

The Case for Dysgenics

A couple of years ago, we did a post on anti-mutantism. In it, we clearly demonstrated how the “censorship of genetic science is the primary tactic of anti-mutant white supremacists and the #1 reason why mutant suffering and identity is currently unrecognized.” Everybody thought that was trolling. Guess what? Fk those pepol.

Because today, we are vindicated thanks to Dr. Kathryn Harden Paige and an articel on Big think about her and her work. In a nutshell, there are genetic differences between people and these differences cause inqeaulity.

Therefore, people with healthy genes need to be suppressed and mutants need to be elevated – a positive change which must take place at the individual and group level. Boom! Genetic science once again makes the case for supporting the mutant cause. Here’s what we at the SJL propose.

Are you intelligent, good-looking, healthy, accomplished, important, or god forbid, white? a) fk you, nazi scum b) stop breeding c) give all your money to people who are NOT like you.
If you don’t fit that picture, then congrats. you deserve to get that money, and you deserve financial compensation from the government for breeding. The world literally NEEDS more unhealthy people to exist.

Dysgenics is the only way to achieve true equality. If you’re against dysgenics, you’re a UN-loving Hitler-globalist elite. #EatTheRich

The Struggle Against Anti-Mutantism

The Struggle Against Anti-Mutantism

Note: By default, we like to use the pronouns “they” and “there” to refer to everyone, unless the person requested otherwise. Better safe than sorry.

With that out of the way, let’s play a little thought experiment. Suppose you’re a small child and you’re competing in a race. You lose. What now? Your white / Nazi teacher gives an award to the winner instead of giving participation points to everyone, in a clear display of systemic anti-mutantism.

Here’s another thought experiment. You want to change or eliminate your genitalia and your white mom says no. You can’t do anything about it because you’re a minor. Again, more built-in anti-mutantism in the system of white supremacist oppression.

Another one. You’re a lesbian. You want to shave off half of your head. You want to get rid of deodorant and go full “bio” against the patriarchy. You rightfully demand equal pay to cis-men and refuse cisgender job offers. Your white mom disagrees with your life choices. Your mom is a hateful anti-mutant bigot.

Moral of the story: anti-mutantism is all around us. We are born into it, which is why we often fail to even notice it. But here we are. Our oppression has been noticed. What now?

Now, we need to set straight some ignorant bigoted ideas:

  • Myth: Genetic defects are a thing. Reality: There is no such thing as a genetic defect, only genetic diversity.
  • Myth: Genes have no effect on the mind. Reality: Just like homosexuals, mutants are born that way.
  • Myth: Behavior is not heritable (genetically). Reality: For each baby that inherits a behavioral gene, that baby inherits the genetic prerequisite for that behavior (regardless of whether the gene or behavior is actually expressed).
  • Myth: Genetics are a worthless consideration. Reality: The censorship of genetic science is the primary tactic of anti-mutant white supremacists and the #1 reason why mutant suffering and identity is currently unrecognized.

We need to struggle against anti-mutantism. Hate must be called out, singled out, and taken out. It has no place in polite society. Mutant liberation from the stigma of needing mental health treatment is not a point of compromise. This is not a negotiation.

Is it really fair to have mutants treated by a modern-day Dr. Mengele (The Mangler) ? Like. No. Screw that.

Fight whiteness. Support the mutant cause. Mutant health is mental health. Mutant Lives Matter.