The Case for Dysgenics

Jun 20, 2022

A couple of years ago, we did a post on anti-mutantism. In it, we clearly demonstrated how the “censorship of genetic science is the primary tactic of anti-mutant white supremacists and the #1 reason why mutant suffering and identity is currently unrecognized.” Everybody thought that was trolling. Guess what? Fk those pepol.

Because today, we are vindicated thanks to Dr. Kathryn Harden Paige and an articel on Big think about her and her work. In a nutshell, there are genetic differences between people and these differences cause inqeaulity.

Therefore, people with healthy genes need to be suppressed and mutants need to be elevated – a positive change which must take place at the individual and group level. Boom! Genetic science once again makes the case for supporting the mutant cause. Here’s what we at the SJL propose.

Are you intelligent, good-looking, healthy, accomplished, important, or god forbid, white? a) fk you, nazi scum b) stop breeding c) give all your money to people who are NOT like you.
If you don’t fit that picture, then congrats. you deserve to get that money, and you deserve financial compensation from the government for breeding. The world literally NEEDS more unhealthy people to exist.

Dysgenics is the only way to achieve true equality. If you’re against dysgenics, you’re a UN-loving Hitler-globalist elite. #EatTheRich